Enviga Study In Obesity Bought And Paid For

Coke-Nestle paid for their own study on Enviga’s benefits to appear in the February issue of Obesity, as the codicil above, spotted by reader Karl, reveals.

Let’s see, “someone” paid for the study, funded by Nestle, to appear in Obesity (undoubtedly to legitimize their claims by having publication in a scientific journal). Awesome.

Looks like we have no clue what we’re talking about. Readers are chiming in to say paying for pages is pretty standard practice.

Castlecraver says:

Page charges are more the rule than the exception nowadays. You’ll find the same disclaimer under articles in most renowned medical and research journals. Although I disagree with the claims in the article, the disclaimer in no way indicates someone paid for it to be published in the way you’re implying….By submitting an article to a journal, you often have to agree to the charges pending acceptance of your manuscript.

Back a truckload of that into our mouth. If drinking a can of it as good as walking up a flight of stairs, as Coke’s director of nutrition and health policy contended, 18-wheels of it should be as good as running the Boston Marathon.

Snapple, owned by Nestle Cadbury Schweppes, is also rolling out a new green tea line touting their EGCG benefits. Interesting how this ad for it also focuses climbing up a flight of stairs. These guys are really hooked on the climbing stairs equals calories burning connection. — BEN POPKEN

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