FYE: 'Buy One Get One Free' Really 30% Off

FYE gave reader Ben a 30% discount on two DVDs purchased as part of deal promising “Buy 1 Get 1 Free!” Ben wanted volumes five and six of the anime series Samurai Champloo. Each DVD was listed for $29.99.

I made sure she knew they were buy one get one free. She told me the total was $43.xx. I was like, they’re buy one get one free. She told me that the discount was split between the two, then the tax. Being almost late for work with a line behind me I didn’t feel like starting a fight.

$43? We are not good at math, but we checked with a nearby engineer, and he says that half of $29.99 is $14.99.

Ben checked his receipts when he got home. Instead of a 50% discount, FYE had deducted $10 from the price of each DVD. Our engineer says that is only a 30% discount. FYE owes Ben $9.99.

Ben’s emails with pictures and the resolution, after the jump…

https://consumermediallc.files.wordpress.com/2007/02/fye_receipt-thumb.jpgBen’s first email:

    “Had some time before work wednesday, decided to drop by the FYE at the other end of the mall (Houston Galleria). I’m a fan of Samurai Champloo (it’s on Adult Swim, but I don’t have cable so I’ve been buying the DVD collection) and I needed 3 more volumes, 5,6, and 7. I walked to the Anime section (shielding my face, trying not to be recognized lol) and saw this huge sign stating Buy One Get One Free on Geneon DVDs. Champloo is on Geneon. So I was psyched since they’re $29.99 a pop and I generally only get one at a time. I grabbed volumes 5 and 6 and took them up front, and she rang it all up. I made sure she knew they were buy one get one free. She told me the total was $43.xx. I was like, they’re buy one get one free. She told me that the discount was split between the two, then the tax. Being almost late for work with a line behind me I didn’t feel like starting a fight. Took my dvd’s home later that night, and the receipt said each one was $10 off. That only makes $20 discount. One dvd is $29.99. FYE owes me $9.99!! Spread the word!!!”

Ben’s second email:

Went back before work today and got a picture of the sign. Got my refund, but I had to jump through some hoops and walk over to the sign and point to it and the geneon logo on the dvd i’d bought. Their system didn’t have it on file so the money didn’t come off automatically. Probably an old sign. Here’s the pic!

FYE%20Sign.jpgGood thing Ben didn’t throw away the receipts. If he had, not even the strongest samurai would have been able to enforce the deal. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER


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  1. Maulleigh says:

    I always get so nervous about old signs. I’ve been to the Key Food and I KNOW something was advertised on sale but it’s not taken off at the register. Once again, not enough to make a big deal out of it–but I wouldn’t have bought TWO bags of something if I didn’t think there was a bargain. *sigh* Thank you consumerist. I love you. :)

  2. Yoni K says:

    fye.com is shady as well. i ordered a DVD which came to $2 (after coupon and with shipping). They emailed me for 3 months to “update” me that it was backordered, yet their website listed it as in-stock. When I complained, I was told to re-order, and the discount would be applied by emailing the new order # to customer support.
    After doing this, Customer Support refused to discount the DVD, and stopped answering my emails. Thank god for credit card chargebacks.

  3. nick says:

    Mugen and Jin would have taken care of things if FYE hadn’t given Ben his money back.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If only that were true Nick, if only it were true.

  5. AdamJacobMuller says:

    FYE is about as shady as they come, I placed a (rather large) order on their website for some AV equipment (Wired IR repeaters, channel modulators etc) and after 3 weeks and repeated calls to customer service (after having my card charged!) with absolutely no response, I finally wandered into a retail store (I really wanted to avoid charging it back because I got a good deal!)

    The manager of the retail store tried to call the web division to check on my order. After about 20-30 minutes of roundabout calls, he finally said he would get in touch with his manager and give me a call back. I never heard anything back from him, or anything from FYE at all. I charged it back nearly 1 month ago. As far as I know Amex has not ever gotten any reply to their inquiries either.

  6. qazwart says:

    I like the comment on the receipt: “You saved $20. If you were a preferred customer, you would have saved $4.” Yup, they certainly know how to treat their customers!

  7. RPG-Advocate says:

    This is the same company that took preorders for the Wii and then tried to force customers to buy a bundle when they came in to pick up their orders. Note to FYE: people remember this stuff, and your bottom line will suffer for it.

  8. Bpj says:

    When i bought a wii at fye they said i had to buy two games as a ‘bundle’. I have worked in retail for years and noticed the receipt didn’t have it as a bundle, so i am assuming the store manager just said it was a bundle so they would get some extra cash for the store. I just took the games back the next day, the lady stated to give me crap but after talking to the manager he gave in.

  9. ReccaSquirrel says:

    You have to love the “If you were a preferred customer you would have saved $4.00.” That sounds about right for FYE.

  10. tyella says:

    FYE.com wouldn’t fill an order I placed for a DVD box set. The order was in “sent to warehouse” status for 3 weeks. Subsequent emails with customer service eventually revealed that they were simply choosing not to honor their own price.

    I called the local FYE brick and mortar and shared my issue. The manager gave me the phone number for corporate. I let him know that there were no humans at that number, just a maze of messages each ending in a disconnect.

    The manager sympathized and honored the deal offered by the website. He even transferred the DVDs from another store to sell to me at the reduced price.

    The manager at the local FYE was great, but the company will never get another dime from me.

  11. mbd says:

    Ok, I stop into FYE, since they sell used DVD’s. I’m looking for The Sopranos Season 5. Well they have it used for $49.99 sitting right next to a new copy for $99.99. What’s up with that, the MSRP is only $59.99 and everyone else, both online and brick and morter, is selling this new for around $50. I know a scam when I see one, and they were trying to scam customers into buying used product at new product price by way over inflating the new price. What a sleazy operation.