Verizon's Replacement Phone Doesn't Work

This poor guy. He put his phone through the wash, breaking it. Luckily, he has insurance. Sadly, his replacement phone doesn’t work.

When he follows the instructions included with the phone his activation is unsuccessful. The really sad part is that when he tries to call for help, the phone still doesn’t work. Ahh, Catch 22. Not exactly a scandal, but we like his video. There’s something all too familiar and sad about it. Does anyone want to lend him a phone?—MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. i4ni says:

    Welcome to Cingular, the new AT&T.

    I hate to say it, but I had problems with Verizon for a year before breaking with the company. Go up to the retail store and speak with a manager.

  2. wega says:

    He needs to call the 800 number that he had from a working phone. Get SkypeOut for $15 for the year or maybe $30 by now and you can.

    I hold the 3rd party insurance company responsible at this point. Though Verizon should monitor their perfomance a little better. Maybe this is truly a Verizon fault, but for now that is what I am sticking to.

  3. Fuzzy_duffel_bag says:

    I’m on my fourth Verizon phone. I had to replace one of my replacements within a month of getting it.

  4. FLConsumer says:

    Retail store *should* be able to fix that in a matter of minutes. That’s a very simple change on the Alltel system (both run CDMA).

    He *should* be able to dial *611 from the new phone to reach Verizon, not sure why that didn’t go through….unless… the “new” phone he received is a refurb and it’s ESN is still in the system as a canceled phone.

  5. r81984 says:

    The replacement phones are refurbished phones. No one is perfect there is always errors when you mass refurbish phones. This is not Verizons fault, but more the fault of the refurbish team for the manufacture.
    Verizon wireless has their problems, but this is not one of them.

    Please change the title to Motorola’s replacement Razr does not work.

  6. madderhatter says:

    Regardless of who made the phone, he got it (and the insurance) from Verizon and they should see it through.

  7. Zagroseckt says:

    Well The phone IS working.
    And it should kick on with NO activation if he KEPT his orginal SIM card….
    as for the activatrion failure thats just a fermware mis set. it’s probly dialing the rong activation number for the regon.

    Simply call Ver’s main tech number on a regular phone a lowner or from a payphone. They will walk him through some hidden phone menu code junk (i culd probly quote you half of them :p)
    and providing he has a valed sim in the phone the phone will then go through activation. or atleast it will then call the right activation number.

    T-mob is extreamly simler to this… thats why i NEVER send my sim in with a broken phone :)

    Remember kids the SIM is a HARD thing to brake. even if the sim liberary (aka stored numbers) gets scrambled the basic info on it (isn esn msn) is HARD coded into THOSE types of sims yes they can be dunked in the wash and even the ocashonel dry cycle (if not melted) and still work fine :)

    BUT if he sent in his sim he’s probly going to have to eather 1 pay a reactivation fee. mine is 30 bucks :( did it when my phone was stolen :p.
    wich allso means he needs a new sim wich he will have to get from a V retailer (outlet) exct. the sim itself tends to be regon spifick on some carriers.

    known issues. (had a trac phone with the rong regon lerned all about it) t-mob even has regon locked sim’s if i wer to move to new york they would want me to get a new sim.

    They tend not to charge for THAT situation. but since he probly sent his old sim in with his old phone he’s SOL and needs a new sim. :)

    or at the least the unlock codes so it will stop trying to call activation for zembobway or some rot :p

  8. lmartinez005 says:

    Dude, Verizon doesn’t use Sim cards. Tmobile is nothing like that. The error is most likely on Ausrion, the 3rd party insurance company. They always screw up Cingular insurance/warranty replacements too.

  9. lmartinez005 says:

    Dude, Verizon doesn’t use Sim cards. Tmobile is nothing like that. The error is most likely on Ausrion, the 3rd party insurance company. They always screw up Cingular insurance replacements as well.

  10. r81984 says:

    Verizon does not use sim cards.