Help Sallie Mae is Ruining My Life!

Sometimes we get emails that just break our heart. This poor guy has lost his job due to Sallie Mae’s constant debt collection calls to his employer, and his monthly student loan payment is $1,100, which he just can’t afford:

I was hoping that I could get my interest rate down and also my monthly payments down considerably. Not a chance. They even get belligerent if you dare trying to make payment arrangements. I even tried to send $600 one month hoping they would take it in good faith and they just sent it back. It’s either payment in full, or nothing so they can charge you late fees.

Does anyone out there have some advice for this guy? .—MEGHANN MARCO

UPDATE: Reader D, who seems like he knows what the hell he’s talking about, suggests that those of you having serious trouble with the servicer of your loan contact the Department of Education via the FSA Ombudsman. 1-877-557-2575. D. says this may not solve the problem, but will provide an advocate.

Sallie Mae Is Ruining My Life!