Enable Netflix Video-On-Demand

If you’re not one of the lucky people who has Netflix video-on-demand pushed to their account, you can click here to enable it.

Following this, you can watch videos from Netflix on your computer, as long as you use IE6 or above… making Netflix just as evil as Walmart.

After installing a lil’ browser app, and possibly an upgrade to Windows Media Player, you’re ready to rock. — BEN POPKEN

Enable Netflix Instant Watching [Netflix] (Thanks to KR!)


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  1. cuyahoga says:

    But of course it doesn’t work for Macs. :(

  2. wilLIAM says:

    I’m tired of all the on-demand services utilizing WMV shit DRM! This goes for Netflix, BBC on-demand, Channel4, MTV Overload, Comedy Central Motherload. Sure Mac users are nowhere near a large market of users, but I’m a paying Netflix customer, and this service would be awesome. This better come out for Mac users!

    They should go to a Flash verion like Adult Swim’s The Fix – the only on-demand service that is cross-platform.

  3. Citron says:

    Wow, they lowered my subscription fee and now I get to watch movies on demand? God, I love Netflix. I don’t even care if it’s Windows Media anymore.

  4. kim says:

    Hallelujah! You are my hero.

  5. Kierst_thara says:

    Well, maybe my vote doesn’t count since I’m not a Netflix subscriber anyways, but I think the principle still holds here. If you can’t be bothered to make your service cross-platform, then I can’t be bothered to give you my business.

  6. kenposan says:

    I have been a loyal Netflixer for many years but I agree with Kierst; if you can’t cross platform, don’t release it.

  7. TWinter says:

    In defense of Netflix, they have only released this service to a portion of their customers, and the full roll out to every customer isn’t supposed to be complete until June. I don’t think you can really complain about the platform stuff until the whole process is finished in June. At that point, please feel free to fire away if they haven’t done anything for Mac users.

  8. amb1545 says:

    Since when is Adult Swim’s Fix cross platform? A few months ago they switched from their flash player to a new one that requires an ActiveX control to play. Thanks Adult Swim, now I have to watch Metalocalypse on Youtube. Really a dumb move for a company whose customers probably have a higher proportion of Mac users than the general populace.

  9. zackola says:

    I for one, welcome our new NetFlix overloards. I haven’t been impressed by the quality and load times for “streaming” video content (including on-demand cable services) as of yet, but this rocks in terms of these qualities so far. Make it cross platform, and I’d definitely pay more to use this on a regular basis.

  10. SmoovyG says:

    amb1545 – Adult Swim fixed the Fix a few weeks back. You can’t save the videos to your harddrive like before, but the shows are absolutely painless to watch, and the quality’s pretty decent.

  11. silverlining says:

    maybe i missed something, but I was disappointed by how limited the offerings were. Like 10 tv shows when I looked, and fairly dated movies. again, maybe I missed something, or they are adding more content…?

  12. Chaluapman says:

    The answer here is not the use of another DRM scheme, but cease the use of DRM period. Windows DRM is the most widely used, that is just a fact of life. Blame the suits.

    It doesn’t work for me either, but it’s because I’m running 64-bit windows. I’m used to not being able to use everything.

  13. Maulleigh says:

    Netflix is evil because it’s got 26,000 different pricing plans and I’m always on the worst one.

  14. Dustbunny says:

    Citron: They lowered your subscription fee?? How and why did that happen and how do I get in on it?

  15. VeryFancyBunny says:

    I’m dorkily excited about this, and I can’t wait to get home this evening to try it out. My only fear is that my laptop will get cranky about having to use IE and Windows Media again after such a long vacation from both.

    Dustbunny – I think Citron is referring to Netflix’s overall lowering of subscriber fees to compete with Blockbuster. Their 3-out plan was $19.99 for a while, and sometime last year it went down to $17.99.

  16. Dustbunny says:

    VeryFancyBunny – ahh…ok, nevermind then. I have the 4-out plan anyway.

  17. Elvisisdead says:

    No dice. All I got was a message stating that my account would be updated by June, and thanks for my interest.

  18. orielbean says:

    Mine turned on after I clicked this. I saw the mention of it on my netflix page a little while ago, but no way to access it – it was a placeholder saying check back in June for the movies. This worked for me!

  19. lawnmowerdeth says:

    Thanks, worked perfect for me!

    Except I hate IE.

  20. Citron says:

    Dustbunny, It was lowered across the board to fight with Blockbuster, but I got another dollar off per month for being a member for two plus years, I think. I have the 3 out plan at $16.99/mo instead of $17.99/mo. They sent me an e-mail about it some time ago, but I forgot exactly what it said.

  21. Citron says:

    Oh, okay. It looks like you get 17 hours of viewing time per month right now. Or at least that’s what my page says, maybe it’s different if you have a larger/smaller rental plan. I should buy an S-Video cable for my TV now.

  22. puka_pai says:

    You get an hour for each dollar you pay on your rental plan. I think we pay $23.99, so we get 24 hours of video each month.

  23. Elvisisdead says:

    Just tried it again, and it worked!