Sorry, Flickr

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We are a jerkface.

We are a jerkface.

We’ve been using Flickr photos, but haven’t been giving people linkbacks or attribution. Understandably, this recklessness has angered many in the Flickr community. For this, we are sorry.

In previous posts, we expressed cavalier disregard for copyright with regards to Flickr. These comments were infantile and we regret them.

We have felt that the best catalogers of commercial life are the consumers themselves. By illustrating our posts with the highest quality photos we can find, we can better draw a larger audience, some of whom will contribute tips and information, increasing the depth and breadth of knowledge we’re able to share with our readership.

How about this:

• We will properly use Creative Commons search to find any and all Flickr pictures that we may use.
• All Flickr pictures will get attribution in the form of their Flickr user name. That name will get linked back to the source image on Flickr.
• If anyone doesn’t like us using their picture, they can email us at, and we’ll take them down or change the credit. This has always been our policy.
• If you would like to submit photos for use on The Consumerist and gain exposure through linklove, join our Flickr group and add photos to the pool.

Once again, we are sorry. We welcome feedback on this policy from Flickr users, admins, and the internet at large in the comments or You can ask at that email address for a comments invite as well. — BEN POPKEN

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