EMI May Unshackle Catalogue, Usher In Second Dawn Of DRM-Free Music

The New York Times reports that EMI, one of the Big Four labels, may soon release its music without DRM. The third largest label behind Universal and Sony, murmurs of EMI intentions come on the heels of Steve Jobs’ appeal for DRM-free music.

Reports of the EMI plan surfaced in Europe this week when music executive speculated that EMI was close to a deal with several online music services that went beyond the relatively limited experiments with non-copy-protected music that it had conducted so far.

We can’t wait to once again legally download music without DRM. The sooner we can get all White and Nerdy without a password, subscription, or optical scan, the better. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

EMI May Sell Recordings Online With No Anti-Copying Software [NYT]