Your Doctor Might Want To Save You Some Money

Most doctors don’t discuss the cost of prescriptions with their patients, but they might if you bring along a list of the drugs your insurance will cover:

As a physician, I want to offer my perspective on the “sticker shock” problem in the pharmacy. I am very conscious of the fact that my patients may not be able to afford medications I prescribe.

Almost all medications have alternatives, and I wish I knew which would be cheapest when I am writing the prescription. Patients with drug coverage could save a lot of time and money if they brought the list of drugs covered by their insurance to every doctor visit.

I also want to know how much patients pay for drugs. I wish they would call the office if the prescription is too expensive! Most of the time, I’d be able to identify a cheaper alternative to prescribe.

The more you talk to your doctor the better, it seems, so bring that list and ask about your options. Another good resource to use is Best Buy Drugs from Consumer Reports. They list the cheapest, most effective drugs with the best safety record.—MEGHANN MARCO

Doctor Wants To Help Patients Save Money [Bradenton Herald via Thrifty Mommy]