Public Storage Reimburses Soldier for Selling His Stuff

Back in January a solidier returned from Iraq to find that Public Storage had sold everything he owned. As a settlement they offered him $2,500, but the soldier estimated his stuff was worth about 8k.

From the AP:

Last month, Rogalin received a full apology and the entire amount of damages he had claimed.

“This unfortunate situation is certainly not something that we intentionally wanted you to have to face on your return from Iraq,” wrote John Graul, Public Storage’s president of operations, in a letter to the soldier.

Rogalin, now a student at Missouri State University, said he was glad the company promised to work on preventing similar problems for other soldiers who use Public Storage units.

“If there’s anything good out of this, it’s to make sure in the future it doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Company Pays For Selling Soldier’s Stuff [breitbart] (Thanks, Shaun!)

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