Airline Performance Down in 2006

The Department of Transportation is reporting that airlines were on-time fewer times and mishandled more baggage in 2006:

The airlines posted a lower rate of on-time flights and more reports of mishandled baggage.

Findings from data submitted by 20 carriers showed on on-time arrival rate of just over 75 percent in 2006, down 2 percent from 2005

The airlines also reported 6.73 reports of mishandled baggage per 1,000 travelers last year vs. 6.64 the year before.

Airlines also bumped more people in 2006, but only killed one pet in December. Oddly, consumer complaints filed against airlines are down, so perhaps you are becoming resigned to the way you are treated by airlines. —MEGHANN MARCO

Airlines Report Lower Marks for On-Time Flights [MSN]


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  1. Beelzebub says:

    Call me crazy — Lord knows, I’ve had enough bags lost or mishandled — but 6.73 bags mishandled out of 1000 travellers is a .6% failure rate. But that’s just off of the number of travelers.

    Travelers do sometimes carry more than one bag. Let’s unscientifically say an average of 1.5 bags per traveller, to account for travelers that don’t carry any. That lowers the failure rate to .4%.

    Honestly — isn’t 99.6% accuracy pretty good?

    I’m not defending the airlines here, I just think sometimes a story is spun to sound bad, when there’s really not much of a story at all.

    Man, I sound like a plant.

  2. Brian Gee says:

    I’m definitely not becoming resigned to the treatment. Rather, I’m avoiding it whenever possible. If I’m not going more than 1000 miles, I’ll drive.

    I’ve driven between the SFbay area and Portland 9 times in the last 6 months. In 2004 & 2005 I was flying back and forth instead. While I’m not filing any complaints, I’m certainly not buying tickets.

  3. timmus says:

    I run a small business and pretty much started doing everything I could to avoid flying, because it’s gotten so unpleasant and “customer service” is invariably much hostile with a veneer of pleasantry. I’ve started driving as much as I can and teleconferencing where possible. I’d be curious to know if their bottom line is suffering because they’re alienating their business clientele.

  4. DutchFlat says:

    Well, I’ll just say it right out loud. Right now. F#$^&^@ UNITED AIRLINES! Last summer, in Chicago, thier home-base, I, along with thousands of other UAL customers, was raped. Well, I’m a big boy, and I had friends in Chicago who I could impose on for lodging. But, the people travelling with small children, God help them. The woman from Denmark with the four-year-old son… UAL could have cared less if she and her kid died right there on the concourse. The management at UAL should all be loaded into one of their @#$%^& airplanes, and flown into a mountain. Except that UAL has so much trouble getting their planes in the air, the managers in question would die of old age before they left the ground. Seriously, what they did should be constituted as a felony. Too bad we’ve spent so many billions (trillions?) of dollars in Iraq. What this country needs is a good high-speed rail system. Actually, a good regular rail system would have gotten me home faster than United Airlines managed to do. If United Airlines doesn’t get their #$%&^$ together damned fast, they’re going to need a lot more airport security, and it won’t be for terrorists. It will be for the abused customers looking to $%^&# UAL managers.