New Mexico Paper Gives Front Page Coverage To Walmart's Nazi Shirts

The Hobbs News-Sun ran a front page story this week about how t-shirts bearing Nazi insignia could be found on local Walmart shelves, nearly three months after the store promised to pull them.

Please tell me those are not still on the shelves. I haven’t received a call about them in a long time,

says Walmart spokesperson Marisa Bluestone in the article.

How can Walmart HQ claim to not know the shirts are still on the shelves? We’ve been running posts about them for twelve weeks. We know for a fact that Walmart actively monitors this site. Therefore, Walmart is lying.

Full scans of the article, inside…

Click to enlarge.

(Thanks to Rob!)


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  1. Jupiter Jones says:

    Good post, but clicking on these images opens them full size in a window with no scroll bars in Firefox, thus not allowing you to read the actual articles in question.

  2. bhall03 says:

    Actually you can scroll, you just have to use your arrow keys to do so.