Ikea Hacker Is Nifty

Everyone likes IKEA, but some people go the extra mile—messing with IKEA stuff to create even better stuff.

Enter IKEA Hacker, a nifty site that offers tips on repurposing, “funking up” and otherwise improving stuff from IKEA. Especially useful are tips that show creative ways to reuse stuff you bought but are sick of, and with the glut of IKEA stuff on craigslist, IKEA hacker could open up new horizons for your garage sale-type finds.—MEGHANN MARCO

IKEA Hacker


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  1. artjac says:

    HomeAnnex.com: I ordered a thermos bottle from them.
    1. they charged my visa card
    2. never shipped the item
    3. after 5 weeks, I called and was told it was backed ordered.
    4. I asked why they charged my visa and was told, “…it was our policy…”
    5. I told them to cancel the order
    6. two weeks later, I still had not got my money back
    7. I had to call twice more.
    This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with online.


  2. pestie says:

    OK, I’m confused. Who’s HomeAnnex.com and what do they have to do with Ikea hacking, exactly.