How to Read Wired Magazine: Razor Blade Required

User clarkburbidge has written an Instructable that teaches a reader of Wired magazine how to quickly and efficiently remove the annoying “invasive advertising,” thus resulting in a more gratifying reading experience. He also suggests that readers contact Wired to express their displeasure at the number of annoying “glued in” or “thick page” ads by emailing the editor to congratulate them for using fewer “bad ads” this month:


Your magazine is great. I love it all… all but the invasive advertizing. My monthly ritual of de-magositing my Wired, was utterly painless. The 4 “Subscribe to Wired” cards all but fell out. No extra thick pages, gummed in advert books, or “look at me I’m a 4 page spread in 2 pages” fold outs? Is this a fluke or a new direction. I hope the later!

Willing to pay $40 for less advertizing (and less invasive advertizing)!


If you would like to send a similar email encouraging the good trend seen in this months Wired do so by emailing

We used to subscribe to Wired ourselves until we grew tired of these very ads, which are not just in Wired but in tons of magazines. —MEGHANN MARCO

How to Read Wired Magazine [Instructables]

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