CompUSA: Buy a Zune, Get Free iTunes Gift Card

From Macforums:

So, I work at the Spokane CompUSA,and every Saturday night, we print out all the new advertisement tags to put up on products that are going to be on sale for the next week and put them out.

The tags come from the corporate computers, we don’t make them ourselves. They’re SUPPOSED to match what is in the advertised papers.

This last Saturday, one really funny Zune advertisement printed out. It didn’t match the advertisement, so our manager laughed took it down and put it in his office (showed it to our Apple rep the next day, he almost fell over laughing).

He let me take the tag and copy it. I took the copy home and scanned it.

Hurry! Offer ends Feb 10! —MEGHANN MARCO

CompUSA Knows How To Sell Zunes [Macforums via digg]