CompUSA: Buy a Zune, Get Free iTunes Gift Card

From Macforums:

So, I work at the Spokane CompUSA,and every Saturday night, we print out all the new advertisement tags to put up on products that are going to be on sale for the next week and put them out.

The tags come from the corporate computers, we don’t make them ourselves. They’re SUPPOSED to match what is in the advertised papers.

This last Saturday, one really funny Zune advertisement printed out. It didn’t match the advertisement, so our manager laughed took it down and put it in his office (showed it to our Apple rep the next day, he almost fell over laughing).

He let me take the tag and copy it. I took the copy home and scanned it.

Hurry! Offer ends Feb 10! —MEGHANN MARCO

CompUSA Knows How To Sell Zunes [Macforums via digg]


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  1. winnabago says:

    What’s the funny part? I don’t get it. Zune won’t play iTunes files? That’s sad, not quite hilarious.

  2. Stepehn Colbert says:

    thats their competitor

  3. Ran Kailie says:

    Yeah I’m not getting the funny either, but really I don’t use any DRM music players. Will the zune not play music downloaded from iTunes? I don’t use iTunes so I have no clue.

    Besides at least the Zune is hackable so you can share files between them. You can’t do that with the infernal iPods, and I think if I hear my younger step sister whine one more time about it I’m going to destroy her iPod.

  4. 2point8 says:

    Thats a good one. I used to work at CompUSA, we got bored one of those Saturday nights and made this:


  5. 2point8 says:
  6. Ran Kailie says:


    iTunes isn’t the Zune competitor, the iPod is, just because you use iTunes doesn’t mean you have to use an iPod, though if you use an iPod you have to use iTunes.

    iTunes is a music organization software, and a store for downloading digital music. Zune’s play digital media, however from a brief google search it doesn’t seem that apple will release the information so that microsoft can enable the Zune to play iTunes songs.

    Which is lame on apple’s part, so what if they’re a competitor, people legally bought those files and you’re restricting their ability to listen to them. Oh wait thats right they want to make more money by making you use their lame player the iPod.

  7. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I think the corporate genius that came up with the sale promo, assumed that the iTunes Music Store was compatible with all MP3 players. So yeah, it’s not really funny. I think the keyword here is ignorance. This also serves as a reminder that DRM sucks. Fairplay, PlaysForSure, and the rest.. they all need to go away.

  8. sp3nc3 says:

    What it is is ironic, and irony is often very funny.

    @Ran Kallie: Sure, you can use iTunes to play music from other sources, but music bought from the iTunes Music Store can only be played in iTunes or on an iPod. Not on a Zune.

  9. non-meat-stick says:


  10. medalian1 says:

    I don’t like my zune … the concept of using this zune software (which is like using itunes software apparently) is REALLY annoying. It’s a shame cause I liked it on vacation once I got it loaded up with videos and music. But syncing and not being able to drag/drop stuff and use it at my girlfriends house (who doesn’t have zune software installed) really sucks. Off to eBay it goes so I can buy one of those new Sansa players.

  11. Archos gMini + Media Monkey + AllOfMP3 = All you need. Fight the Power.