Call Center Employee Addicted to Pornography, Steals Cingular Customer's ID

Keith Alan Joiner says he may be addicted to pornography, or at least that’s what he told police when they arrested him for “racking up more than $1,300 in charges visiting pornographic websites” on one Cingular customer’s dime. Joiner also confessed to stealing other credit card information while “employed as a call-taker at the West Corporation in Pensacola, Florida.” The West Corporation takes calls from Cingular customers.

Joiner was eventually caught after vigilant customers noticed charges appearing on their cards after they paid their bills by phone. We can’t stress enough that you keep an eye on your credit card statements. Without customers noticing the charges and realizing that they showed up after paying their bill over the phone with Cingular, Joiner might not have ever been caught. It’s also a good idea to ask for the name or ID# of your CSR, especially when you pay by credit card over the phone. You never know who is addicted to pornography out there.—MEGHANN MARCO

Man Admits to ID Theft [PNJ]