10 Things To Never Buy Used

There’s a few things to avoid purchasing used, because they’re expensive if they, likely to, and/or dangerous if they break, according to MSN Money.

• Laptops
• Car seats
• Plasma TVs
• DVD Players
• Vacuum cleaners
• Camcorders
• Shoes
• Mattresses
• Wet suits
• Helmets

We disagree with mattresses being on this list. Liz Pulliam Weston says, “Think of all the stuff you do on your mattress. Now think of sleeping in someone else’s stuff. Ewwwww.” This is bullshit. We’ve sold used mattresses and slept on ’em just fine. We’re still cootie free.

Though, we would caution against buying used mattresses in the New York Metro area, what with the ongoing bedbug epidemic and all. — BEN POPKEN

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