We're Scared Of Spinach

A recent survey by Rutgers University shows that September’s spinach recall has left consumers wary of leafy greens. From Forbes:

Plummeting spinach sales have also prompted the produce industry to seek federal oversight to assure buyers that fresh produce is safe.

“We need to be in front of this to maintain consumer confidence,” said Tom Stenzel, president of the United Fresh Produce Association, a leading trade group. “Consumers need to eat fresh produce and feel safe in their choices,” he said.

A new national survey to be released Monday by Rutgers University suggests that the broad recall could have lasting effects on spinach and other similar vegetables. As a result, consumers felt uncertain and threw away other bagged produce that was not affected by the recall.

Are you guys back to eating leafy greens? Bagged? Not bagged? —MEGHANN MARCO

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