Free No-Frills Tax Prep Software From H&R Block

H&R Block is offering Tax Cut Basic federal tax preparation software to directly compete with TurboTax. It’s free, for a price.

Like TurboTax, Tax Cut Basic asks you a series of questions to fill out your forms. The software lets you import last year’s data from Turbo Tax, and features error checking, and advice for changing tax situations.

To download, H&R Block asks for a name and address and whatnot. However, there’s nothing to stop you from registering as Seymour Butts of Privacy Lane.

The program touts the ease and convenience of e-filing, though that costs an additional $15.95. Better just to print them out and mail them in.

TaxCut Basic charges $24.95 to purchase the ability to file a state return. TurboTax offers a very similar free program that doesn’t require a download, but state returns are $25.95.

Overall, a decent quckie tax prep software for the tax payer who just wants to get ‘r done. — BEN POPKEN

TaxCut Basic [H&R Block] (Thanks to Krispfeiffer!)

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