Free Food For You If K-Fed Agrees To Work At Taco Bell For An Hour

The curiously Australian president of Taco Bell, Greg Creed, has invited (via open letter) one “Kevin Federline” to work at Taco Bell for the period of one hour. If the soon-to-be-former Mr. Britney Spears agrees, anyone who comes to the Taco Bell to watch will receive “an order of our new Carne Asada Steak Grilled Taquitos for free.” The letter comes in response to a statement K-Fed made about his children working at Taco Bell. Read the letter inside.

Greg writes:

Greg Creed President Taco Bell Corp. 17901 Von Karman Irvine, CA 92614

January 31, 2007
Mr. Kevin Federline
c/o Marilyn Lopez
FYI Public Relations
New York, NY 10023

Dear Mr. Federline,
First off, congratulations on your upcoming Super Bowl ad. We heard it’s generating a lot of talk, particularly about working in the fast food industry.

We know you respect those who work in our business. In fact, last year you said in an interview, “My kids are going to have to learn what a real job is, what life is. You don’t have it easy with me. Period. My kids are going to work at Taco Bell.”

We’re flattered, but obviously they’re too young to work for us. So here’s our offer to you: Come work for us, just for a one hour shift. We’ll get you a uniform, a custom name tag and show you what a great place Taco Bell is to work. We’ll even reward customers who visit that restaurant with an order of our new Carne Asada Steak Grilled Taquitos for free.

We encourage you to continue to “Think Outside the Bun” and hope you accept our tasty offer.

Greg Creed
Taco Bell Corp.


Annals of Opportunistic Marketing: K-Fed Invited To Explore Outside the Bun Career Path [Defamer]


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  1. MosH8ed says:

    At least K-Fed can maintain a sense of humor about himself… I bet, in reality, he’s really just a normal dude. We all just decided to hate him because we blamed him for one of Americas Sweethearts gradual and then sudden demise. We should have known that Brit’s “product of the south” redneck tendencies are deeply ingrained, and K-Fed probably had nothing to do with that.

  2. homerjay says:

    I can’t say I remember a time when Britney was considered “One of America’s Sweethearts”

  3. nweaver says:

    Actually, we blame Fed-EX because he’s a really crappy white-trash rapper who, because he knocked up that white-trash Brittney, dared inflict his singing on the world outside the confines of an American Idol audition.

  4. DeeJayQueue says:

    At least he’ll have an idea of what life will be like in 5 years.

  5. cindel says:

    How about the fact that he doesn’t support his other two kids from his first baby mama and wanted to have custody of his sons with Brit-Brit?

  6. bluegus32 says:

    Cindel — don’t forget that he recently gave up his custody battle for his kids with Britney and has agreed to see his children three afternoons per week ! What a great father he must be.

  7. mackjaz says:

    One hour is not enough.

  8. acambras says:

    Here’s your burrito supreme and diet pepsi, yo.

  9. Nancy Sin says:

    I feel like I’m on the wrong blog for this, but he also left his baby momma while she was knocked up for Ms. Spears.

    And for a time, his signature look was cornrows and capri pants. Taco Bell is miles above him, e. Coli withstanding.

  10. Kornkob says:

    Hey, if I can get my food poisoning served to me by a celebrity…..

  11. MosH8ed says:

    I’m really not trying to defend him, but are all of these accusations based on fact or are they based on the swill found on tabloids and celebrity blogs (Gawker withstanding, of course).

  12. The_Truth says:

    I Love you Taco Bell!!

  13. bluegus32 says:

    MosHBed: According to this aritcle, the fucknut has agreed for now to only see his kids three times per week, four hours at a time, supervised.

    This makes him a loser in my book. He is not a father, he’s a visitor. And as far as I’m concerned, this makes him a vile human being. His children never chose to have an asshat for a father. Nor would they care. All they are going to want is to SEE their dad. Instead, what does he do? He comes over to visit. In time, he won’t even do that.

    Sorry for the vitriol but this is a sore topic for me. I fought like a madman to get joint custody of my kids after my divorce. My ex tried to keep them from me and I wouldn’t stop fighting until she gave up.

    Any REAL man would do the same every time. That Federline didn’t bother to do that, and is already giving up, makes me lose total respect for him in every other sense.

    But just to stay on topic — maybe the guy should spend more than just an hour running a shift at Taco Bell. Maybe then he might get an inkling of what real life is like.

  14. MosH8ed says:

    They’re both dirt-balls because they’re using their children as weapons against each other, but how is that different from any “normal-dysfunctional” family? Not talking about you, of course, mate.

    According to that article, between the dates of 1/12 to 1/31, K-Fed is allow to visit his children at HER house for 4 hours at a time, 3 times a week. It also states that his children will be on vacation with their mother in Miama over the week prior to the 12th, so unless he’s going with them he wont be able to see his kids then.

    The article, however, doesn’t specify the toward their custody situation later months; perhaps due to further legal proceedings.

    People only hear (read) what they want to hear (read).

    At least he’s using his so-called “celebrity status” to find work to try to help his family, even if nobody else thinks so.

    p.s. I’m still not a K-Fed fan, I just think the guy got a bad rep. from his ex-wifes downward spiral.

  15. bluegus32 says:

    MosHBed: “They’re both dirt-balls because they’re using their children as weapons against each other, but how is that different from any “normal-dysfunctional” family?”

    Agreed. But then again I don’t put up with this kind of nonsense from anyone. I’ve yelled at more than few clients before for pulling this crap. I don’t care if it’s K-Fed or Joe Schmoe. If you have a child, you need to be a real man (or woman, but let’s face it, it’s usually the man that is the fuck-nut in this scenario) and be a father to your children.

    As for the argument that this is only a temporary order – it is a sign of things to come. I’ve litigated enough of these kinds of cases to know that when one parent says that they are going to exercise next to no custody “just for now” they really mean “from now on.” I highly doubt that K-Fed is going to remove his head from his ass on this one.

  16. MosH8ed says:

    You may be right, but I’d like to think that the majority of the hoopla is just that… just tabloid rubbish.

  17. Joe_Bagadonuts says:

    Yo Quiero Po Po ZOW? Mmm, no.

  18. dantsea says:

    When will that human lamprey’s fifteen minutes be up?