Coke & Nestle Sued Over Enviga's Bogus Calorie Burning Claims

Eviga, the so-called “calorie burning soda” has landed Coke and Nestle in some hot water, as the The Center for Science In The Public Interest has filed suit against both for false advertising claims — the same we mocked back in October.

In labeling and marketing, Enviga claims its consumption leads to weight loss and calorie burning, but the CPSI suit contends this is based on bald manipulation of data in Nestle-run studies

When the study was presented at a conference of the Obesity Society (publishers of the journal Obesity and also known as NAASO), the society disputed the study’s conclusions, insisting it is improper to state or imply that the results of this study supports any weight loss claim…

One longer-term Japanese study did show that a tea fortified with EGCG and caffeine helped people lose more weight than a control tea, but then again, the study was conducted by a tea company and the subjects of the study were 38 of that company’s male employees.

The can’s slogan is “Be positive. Drink negative.” How about, “Be Positive. Drink Water.” — BEN POPKEN

Watchdog Group Sues Coke, Nestle For Bogus “Enviga Claims” [CSPI] (Thanks to Mitchell!)


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