Airlines Dropping Child Discounts

Major airlines are dropping child discounts faster than you can say “screaming toddler.” The discounts, which generally apply to children younger than 2, were “rarely used” according to a spokesperson from American Airlines.

“We found out that this was very rarely used, frankly. Most people just carry their young children in their lap.”

American stopped offering the child discounts Jan 13. Children under 2 can still fly for free on a parent’s lap, but will need to pay full fare if they’d like to buy the child a seat.

“Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and others also have phased out similar baby discounts.

Continental Airlines still offers some children’s fares, but not in all markets. Southwest offers infant fares for parents who wish to use an FAA-approved child airplane seat.

“If they want to occupy a seat, they’ll pay the lowest applicable fare,” said Betsy Talton, a spokeswoman for Delta, which ended its baby savings Dec. 26. “And we still have the option that they can fly for free in an adult’s lap.”

Ugh, how about a child-free section on the plane? Are we evil just for thinking this? —MEGHANN MARCO

Airlines Dropping Child Discounts