Morning Deals

Woot: The Woot-off is still going on.

• White Castle: Take your Valentine to White Castle for a romantic dinner with hostess seating, candlelit dining and your own server. Reservations required, check for participating Castles.

Skype: Log into your Skype account today and receive 10 free minutes.

Walgreens: [PDF link] Astrogolide $2 off (page 26) and KY Premium Personal Lubricant $10 off with coupon (page 41)

Highlights From Bargainist

Amazon: Farberware Select 8 & 10-inch Skillet Set $6.99
Threadless: Buy 2 t-shirts of the same design, save $10
Bloomingdale’s: 20% off fashion items for her

Highlights From Dealhack Refurb 80-Hour Series2 TiVo DVR Free with Subscription
Dell Business: Windows Vista-Enabled Notebooks from $499 with Free Shipping
Newegg: Fujifilm V10 5.1MP Digital Camera $149 Shipped


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  1. Citron says:

    The t-shirts have to be the same design for you to get $10 off.

  2. konstantConsumer says:

    damn. i could have used that walgreen’s coupon last night.

  3. acambras says:

    Jeez, how much does KY Premium cost if there’s a $10 off coupon for it???

  4. konstantConsumer says:

    or maybe it’s the value sized tub. ten gallons of lube, for all of your naked chicks room needs.

  5. timmus says:

    Is there a relationship to the lube discounts and Valentine’s Day approaching? The only thing I can think of is that the people who are going through the motions of Valentine’s Day and not really into it WILL be needing the lube, but why they would discount something in demand, I don’t know.

  6. DTWD says:

    Damn, there are no Walgreens in Baghdad. :(

  7. Repique says:

    Nooo! I paid $8 for that skillet set. Drat. ;) They aren’t high-quality, precisely, but they work pretty darned well for $4 (or $3.50 now) skillets. If I had more storage space, I’d get several extra sets so that I can just toss them when the nonstick part goes.

  8. Repique says:

    …and now that I can get the page on Bargainist to load, it seems they’ve upped the price, so I feel a lot better now!