Reach Sprint Executive Customer Service

If the peons of Sprint Customer Service give you static, try this contact info and bump your issue up to the Executive Customer Service department.

ph: 1-866-398-4606
fx: 1-888-569-4927
email: executive dot offices at sprint dot com

There is also this specific rep to ask for:
Joann Stanford
email: Joann dot M dot Metcalf at sprint dot com

Remember, try this only after getting rebuffed at the lower levels. Reasonably, this means talking to at least two tier one reps and one supervisor. Scenario being that you call a rep, get a bad answer, ask for the supervisor, they reinforce the bad answer, then you call back and try a different rep.

Don’t want to kill the deal with needless fluff. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. Do you guys have a want list for executive service? We can get working on searching for that information.

  2. rshaan says:

    Joann doesn’t work there anymore

  3. Ashier says:

    I want you to know i was in the sprint store in cherry hill nj. terry deshields was very helpful. She help get two new phones and broadband for my notebook on my birthday. I had a problem the next day connecting with your disk due to vista. I was on the phone with tech support from 8:00 to 1:30 am 5 plus hours. thats a part time job, and still was NOT connected. I was called the next morning and the tech told me to goto nearest sprint store. I was in Atlantic city at the time on business. I went to the first store I explian what was going on with my connection the rep stated “sorry I can not help you try our corparate store”. went to that store it was worst the reps stated “sorry sir we don’t know anything about broadband with vista we dont have notebooks in this store”. I left madd I called tech support back to try and get some help. The tech stated” I needed to find a connection to the net. I stated i was madd and needed some help etc. I told the tech I was going to take this stuff back to the store. I hung up madd, and then I remembed Terry Deshields. I called her told her everything I was going through. She said “come in right now. I left from A.C. to cherryhill right away. was in the store terry dashed me to her station were I met another rep Rashawn Long together they fix my problem.

  4. nathlie_d says:

    I used the special hotline Sprint set up for Consumerist readers..and the executive customer service rep(s) were great! I have a malfunctioning phone which causes my applications on the phone to continue running after I have discontinued use, and the problem caused me to go into Overage. 500 minutes in overage to be exact! This costed $240 extra on my bill. Needless to say I was furious. I spoke with 3 different representatives by dialing the *2 who assured me that they would reconcile the $300+ phone bill. After a week and a half passed and my phone bill due date quickly approached, they tried to pacify me with a $120 credit bringing my bill to a still unsatisfying $183. My billing trend usually is between $60-$75 so $183 was still a little steep for me. I continued to press the issue to no avail! I have been with Sprint for 7 years with many ups and downs but none like this. I searched the web and luckily found this website which produced this number*703-433-4401* And within 20 minutes I was pleased with the service and My bill was again feasible! Thank you consumerist!!