Microsoft's Vista Circus: Was David Blaine Busy?

Gothamist has evidence of some “off the wall” advertising by Microsoft. In celebration of the imminent Vista launch, they set up a special billboard in Manhattan…then circus performers encased in colorful scuba diving suits repelled down the surface, hailed cabs and left. Yes, really. It kind of reminds us of that dance cycle guy from the Big Lebowski. Not sure if that was their intention.—MEGHANN MARCO

Microsoft Vista Is So Off The Wall [Gothamist]


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  1. Thats a pretty cool marketing idea. I like it. As a critical thinker I can still appreciate a good idea even if the parent of the idea conflicts with my ideals.

  2. sporesdeezeez says:

    The Big Lebowski reference is apropos – it’s clear from the titles of the many editions of Vista that MS is “not into the whole brevity thing,” especially versus “OS X.”

    I dunno, I guess it’s cool that Microsoft opted for some guerilla marketing instead of the usual “trust us Windows is a miracle now” TV spots. Is this maybe somewhat derivative of Blue Man Group, though? I’m kind of immune to brightly-colored androgynous figures hocking WinTel now.

  3. shoegazer says:

    Rappelled down the billboard… “repelled” is the inevitable feeling you’ll get after you find out how much a Vista-capable PC will set you back.

  4. Sorenso says:

    Something about people hanging off the side of the building in skin-tight suits just creeps me right the hell out. They should have had a little creepy midget in a brightly colored suit with SP1 on it running around, sneaking up on people :) Cause you know it will.

  5. spoppe says:

    I saw the picture in the NY Times today and it looked like people jumping off the building. Way wrong for NYC. The real idea wasn’t bad, but the static picture was in poor, poor taste.

  6. Papa K says:

    It got people talking about Vista, so evidently, it worked.