Help Us Find A Button Hole Video Camera

We’re looking to purchase a button-hole video camera, but need some help. This type of camera has a lens that can be disguised behind a button and the rest of the apparatus worn on the body. There’s so many to choose from on the web and we’re not sure where to start.

Desired specs:

• Would love for everything to be under $250, but could go up to ~$500.
• Color (but could go black and white if the price was right)
• On-board recording, not a transmitter (if this is even possible/feasible)
• Performs well in low-light conditions
• Records audio
• Can export video (would probably use a RCA to USB cable)
• Discreet
• Lightweight
• Sold by reputable vendor
• Made by reputable manufacturer

We’re interested in using the device for some special Consumerist reports. Let us know your purchase suggestions in the comments or tips at consumerist dot com. — BEN POPKEN

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