Eat At KFC. Get A Free Crispy Strip. Mock Wendy's Failures.

In celebration of Wendy’s removal of “Homestyle Chicken Strips” from their menu, KFC is giving away one Crispy Chicken Strip per customer at participating stores. From their press release:

For one time only, at participating restaurants, KFC is offering America a free sample of the restaurant chain’s signature Colonel’s Crispy Strips(R).

“Here at Chicken Capital USA, we’re more than happy to step in and fill the void,” says James O’Reilly, chief marketing officer for KFC. “Since we’re the chicken experts, we thought we’d give strip-hungry customers a taste of the best in the business.”

KFC will unveil the special offer with a tongue-in-cheek full-page ad in the January 25 edition of USA Today. The ad proclaims, “KFC Strips for Free. January 29, 2007.” Consumers who make any purchase at participating KFC restaurants on January 29 will receive a free Colonel’s Crispy Strip(R) with their order, while supplies last.

Did you hear that Wendy’s? They’re laughing at you. You’re being mocked. —MEGHANN MARCO

No Strip Tease: KFC Seeks to Strip Wendy’s of Its Chicken Lovin’ Customers (Press Release)[PR Newswire]


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  1. kenposan says:

    Too bad my local KFC NEVER seems to have what I want. “We’re sorry, we are out of xxx.”
    “We’re sorry, our supply truck didn’t come today.”

    “There’ll be a 1/2 hour wait on that, we just got them out of the freezer.” Loved that one, since it was DINNER time. Shouldn’t you get out your dinner items before you need them?

    I have also noticed recently that their chicken strips are smaller these days. The price, however, is not smaller.

    Cluck ’em. ;-)

  2. faust1200 says:

    Oh chicken! So that’s what it is.

  3. any such name says:

    enh. kfc ain’t got no spicy chicken sandwich. or frosty…

  4. Where’d you get the pic Meghann? Those mountains and that KFC look familiar to me. I think I have even used that payphone sitting outside the restaraunt. I even used to get free food there when I was homeless and they used to have a policy to give leftovers to the hungry and needy.

  5. joelion says:

    having never had said chicken strips at Wendy’s, where they any good? Where they actual chicken, as opposed to those god-awful pressed
    “chicken” nuggets they serve by the billion, which are just a tiny step above McDonalds McNuggets?

  6. Meg Marco says:

    Provo, Utah

  7. TheDTrain says:

    In my opinion, everyone’s losing to Chick-Fil-A. There’s nothing like it.

  8. isadora says:

    Whatev! Wendy’s has side caesar salads, chili and a frosty. 99 cents each!

    Also? KFC is greasy, flavorless crap! Give me Popeyes–always crispy–Spicy!

  9. Luxy says:

    You’re right about Chick-Fil-A, DTrain. Their food is so addictive. I’ve been wanting to try El Pollo Loco, but there aren’t any around here.

  10. synergy says:

    KFC “chicken” is scary. Seeing those, was it?, PETA vids didn’t help motivate me to eat at KFC. I used to like it, oh, about 15-20 years ago, but then there were cooking changes or something and became the scary place it is today.

    Pollo Loco was great! about a decade ago. Then they got sold to a large corporation, I forget which, and now it’s not many steps above Taco Hell as far as authenticity.

  11. Damn Meghann, you gave away my secret. Now everyone knows that I have been to Provo, Utah. I knew that location looked familiar.

  12. Her Grace says:

    Great. Now I crave Chik-fil-A, and those don’t exist in Australia. Also, Wendy’s is like DQ has become in most places (all ice-cream and desserts). There are KFCs, but they can’t fill the void left by Chik-fil-A’s waffle fries. Nothing can.

    Wendy’s strips were pretty good–certainly had more actual meat to them than the KFC ones, atleast in rural Virginia.

  13. Randy_Rathbun says:

    I go to Church’s for chicken. If you order chicken strips at the KFC near me, they charge you extra for whatever sauce you want.

  14. zibby says:

    If this was Halo, Wendy’s would be getting T-bagged right now.

  15. balistic808 says:

    Weird, I used to eat at that KFC all the time when I lived in Provo.

    Crispy strips + honey BBQ wings + biscuits = fast food heaven.

    Ah, memories of corrupting mormon girls … actually, they aren’t as innocent as one might think. My favorite quote from a girl I saw a few times was “The Holy Ghost sleeps after midnight.”

    I never thought to ask what time the dude gets up in the morning.

  16. tspack says:

    That’s the KFC in Provo, Utah. Never eaten there, but I know those mountains!

  17. You cant miss those mountains can ya? Too bad you cant see the Y on the mountain in this picture. I’m surprised to see so many consumerists have been to Provo.