IDT Energy’s MLM Salesforce

Reader J. used his powers as recruiter to mine through the resumes on Monster. He found two companies that seem to have run door-to-door campaigns for IDT Energy.

T.O.P Marketing, Bronx, New York and Midtown Promotions New York , NY. Note Midtown’s hiring process in this page from Rip Off Report. Based on the following comment in Rip Off Report, it’s possible that Midtown Promotions is a DS-MAX affiliate, a shady cabal of multi-level direct marketing companies.

On one of the walls is poster of a rhino. And the poster explains the quality of a rhino. I saw this
poster when i first came there and didnt think much of it. But looking at it closer, just the other day, there is the DS-max insignia on the lower hand the poster.

This adds an interesting wrinkle to our intern insertion quest. To get hired to work for IDT, you would probably want to go through one of these companies. One could probably dig up more companies by scanning the help wanted section and reading between the lines on some of those “introductory sales jobs.”

But how do we know if they’re currently running an IDT campaign? — BEN POPKEN

Oh, We See, IDT Outsources Their Door To Door Sales!
Help Consumerist Get A Job With IDT Energy


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  1. Kornkob says:

    You do, of course, realize that if you let your intern do this investigation it is entirely possible he could come back to the office talking about an ‘awesoem new business opportunity’ that he just has to show you.

    Personally I think MLMs are how the aliens are replacing us with pod people. They suck you into a meeting, kill you and replace you with your doppleganger. Buy the intern a tin foil hat before you let him go out there.

  2. orielbean says:

    I hear that Amway has a very nice line of tinfoil hats for sale . Use this link to buy them :

    • ELC says:

      @orielbean: That’s not nice. Amway is a respected company in the business world and now spans the globe selling high-quality supplements and other products. Just b/c you don’t like some of the people that get involved with them doesn’t mean you have to dog the company that offers the opportunity. Selling drives commerce!

  3. rubberpants says:

    Seems like there are so many levels of indirection here that, just like the companies who advertise with spyware, they can just claim that any bad experiences are the result of rogue affiliates.

    IDT -> Marketing Firm -> DS-MAX -> Local Affiliate -> Poor Sap -> Angry Consumer

    IDT: “It’s not our fault!” *chuckle*

  4. hildeaux says:

    I saw an ad for IDT calling cards the other night, and I was like, “Those bastards! They’re everywhere!” (I live in Northern California).