Cell Phone Use Linked To Brain Tumors

Love talking on your cell phone endlessly? Been talking since the phones weighed 10 lbs? Bad news for you. From Gizmodo:

    Long-term (10+ years) cellphone use has been linked with brain tumors. According to the study, people who had used cellphones for more than 10 years had a 40 percent higher chance than others of developing certain brain tumors. This news comes to us from the same British researcher who said that more research was needed to determine if there actually is a relationship between (long-term) cellphone use and cancer.

    The researcher admits that now that we’ve seen what appears to be a true link between cellphone use and cancer, more research is needed

The original article states the tumors form on the side of the head where users typically hold their handsets. Kinda makes you want to use a ear piece, doesn’t it?—MEGHANN MARCO

Mobile phone use ‘linked to tumour’ [Telegraph via Gizmodo]