Are You A Pricehacker?

Remember those price code hack posts we wrote earlier this month? MONEY magazine is working on a feature about ’em.

If you’re knowledgeable about how these price code hacks work and wish to share, contact Josh Hyatt: josh_hyatt at moneymail dot com

He’s looking for both consumers who are pricehackers, and people who work/worked in retail and can confirm this practice. — BEN POPKEN

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Target Price Drop Hack


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  1. dayjayvw says:

    what’s price hacking?
    This article is really vague.

  2. matt1978 says:

    Money is not looking for you, then.
    Try reading the articles linked.

  3. infinitysnake says:

    I still think the Target tags don’t count- Targwet clearly labels all of those items and groups them on clearnace shelves- you have to be illiterate not to know those are discounts.

    Places that DO cvhange prices without announcement are Sam’s, Costco, etc. There’s a Bay Area man who did a segment outlining his tricks in club stores.

  4. Frank Grimes says:

    My wife figured out The Gap (all brands). When they first put clothes on the rack they use pre-printed prive tags. When they begin marking down items they use a pricing gun sililar to what grocery stores used to use. When the item is say $9.99 that indicates a first reduction becuase the item ends in a 9, the next reduction would then be down to say $7.98 , hence the 8 and ALL Final markdowns will always end with a 7, say $6.97 for the above example. She asked a clerk one day who told her. My guess is it makes their lives easier and will help move some merch. if consumers know that they’ve reached the pricing floor.