Edelman: How We Taught The World That Illegal Downloading Is A No-No

Edelman’s website is a treasure trove of self-congratulatory videos, but this little gem is, well, something else. This 2 minute promo explains how Edelman reframed the dialog about illegally downloading music, with a “fully integrated campaign.”

From the video:
“What there was was a complete lack of was a peer-to-peer dialog about illegally downloading music and why it was wrong.” No peer-to-peer dialog. None.

“We wanted to get people to think before they act, so how did we do that? We talked to them in focus groups.”

“I’ll never forget being at the Staples Center when Neil Portnow the president of the Recording Academy introduced our PSA and our Campaign to millions of people.” Way to go, Edelman. The dialog is hereby reframed. Nice use of stock footage of Tower Records, too. —MEGHANN MARCO