AllState Insurance Doesn’t Include Agent Dennis Haysbert

It turns out that if you get in an accident, Dennis Haysbert doesn’t come right to your car and console you with his big man hands and a deep voice.

Nancy was an AllState customer for 22 years, but after reading her story inside, you may understand why that’s in the past tense…

Nancy writes:

    “Last Wednesday (Jan. 17th) I was involved in a hit and run accident on a busy Chicago area expressway at rush hour. My car was hit from behind at 50 mph by some idiot who was in a big hurry to pass the car in front on him and next to me. I swerved out of control, hit another car and slammed into the concrete median, completely crushing the driver’s side of my 2001 Mazda MPV. The car that hit me left the scene, no witnesses stopped to help.

    After calling the police, I immediately called my Allstate insurance agent. Since it was after 5 p.m. I got his voicemail. I left a frantic message and then called the 800# on the back of my insurance card. Here’s where the fun starts. There I am, sitting on the left shoulder in a crushed vehicle (thankfully not injured, by some miracle!) and getting more recordings – press 1, press 2, press 1, etc. It took four transfers to get a real live person, who tells me to CALL BACK after the police report is issued.

    Fine. I call back later that evening with the police report and accident information. I spent

    hour on the phone with a nice person and filed my claim.

    The next morning I expect a call from my insurance agent. No call comes. I stayed home from work and waited. By yet another miracle I was able to drive my vehicle home. But now I have no idea what to do with it. Finally, in the late morning I called my agent. He had no clue about my accident, but proceeds to tell me that I need to deal with the claims adjuster now, he can’t help me. Oh, and by the way, I don’t have coverage for a rental car, since during the 22 YEARS I have been an Allstate customer I have never bought it. Did the man ever bother to call me to go over my policy each year when I renewed? Wouldn’t you think he’d want to check in with me periodically, to maybe try and sell me some more insurance? So here’s strike one.

    Then I wait a few more hours for the claims adjuster to call me. He finally does, only to tell me that my car has to be towed to one of Allstate’s Chicago area field assessment offices, both of which are more than 50 miles away. Oh, and it’ll be a couple DAYS before they can tow the car. I’m supposed to sit around a couple days, miss work and wait for a tow truck??? The car is in my parking space, and the village I live in has street parking ordinances where one cannot leave a car on the street overnight. I now have two cars (I went and got a rental car) and only one parking space. I need my crushed vehicle moved asap, but Allstate is “busy” and “backed up” and they just don’t know when the towing service can get to me. Strike two.

    I decided to go to work the following day (Friday) and leave the keys to the crushed car under the mat. The windows are busted out, the car has been sitting open, in the cold and snow for two days, waiting for the tow. I call the claims adjuster TWICE from my office, asking him to please let me know when the car has been towed, and to have the field office remove the plates and hold them, so I can come get them. The adjuster never called, but when I got home from work the car was gone. I’m guessing it was towed (and not stolen), but I don’t know for sure. Strike Three.

    Monday a.m. I call the adjuster again. I actually get him, and not his voicemail. I tell him how dissatisfied I am with the service I’ve been getting. I asked him why he didn’t’ call me the previous Friday. He said because I didn’t specifically “ask him to call,” so he didn’t. Huh? I am paying for a rental car out of my own pocket, I have no clue where my car is, and I need the plates back so I can eventually transfer them to another car. However, since I don’t know the status of my vehicle (I’m guessing it was a total loss, but I don’t know for sure) I don’t know where I stand financially. Hell, I don’t even know where my car IS right now. Again, no information is forthcoming, and I am passed on to yet another adjuster, the “total loss adjuster” who is supposed to call me today. Yeah, right. I’m still waiting for a call.

    I’ve been an Allstate customer for 22 years. During that time I have filed two auto claims (one car broken into and one low speed fender bender on a snowy street – wasn’t ticketed either time) and one homeowners claim (siding ripped off during a windstorm). If I recall correctly, those experiences were also frustrating. I guess history repeats itself. I have had nothing but poor service, the runaround, unreturned phone calls and aggravation.

    It’s time to switch carriers. “Good Hands”??? Yeah, I don’t think so.

    Nancy A.

    Oak Park, IL”

How about the gecko, or the duck? Are their phone trees also made of chicken wire? — BEN POPKEN