Kid Buys 103 $.01 Gift Cards From Best Buy

We don’t know why anyone would do this, but apparently someone on Flickr bought “103 $.01 gift cards for Jennifer as a unique going away present.” That sure is unique, we’ll give him that. And it wasn’t easy. From the Flickr page:

    Had some trouble getting them, apparently me doing this 2 other times has sparked the interest of the management and they’ve received an e-mail not to let anyone do this anymore. I’d like to think this is solely because of me because this was an original idea of mine. I’m sure someone may have done this before, but I have not heard of anyone else doing such a thing. In any case, I was informed about not being able to do such a thing last night when I tried, my mom went in a quite a rage and I told her we’ll just try again today and hopefully it will be like when Hillary did it for me the 2nd time with no questions of whether or not you can do it. Nikki (left) was more than happy to, we got to around 38 when another cashier recognized me from last night, she said we couldn’t and she called up the manager. The manager tried telling us that we couldn’t do this without us even giving a say in the matter. Thats when my mom became upset again and she pointed out how often we come here and how much we spend, and that she had talked to the number they gave us last night to give it approved and they said it was okay. The manager was silent after that, I wanted to laugh, but I held it in.

More inside.

    I would like to say I understand their position, but I’m rather clueless why they are freaking out such a little cost. Sure the gift cards are worth more than a cent, but just today I used my 2 year replacement plan on my headset. The replacement plan cost $9, and the headset costs $60, So I’m sure they are losing more money from that. In any case, this is probably the largest receipt you’ll ever see without actually trying to beat it yourself. I didn’t measure it but I’m guessing it’s well over 10 feet. Thank you Nikki. The other guy is Scott, a random cashier (but not the one that recognized me). I’m rather glad I can walk into best buy and be recognized…I wasn’t intending to accomplish that lifetime goal of being recognized somewhere until I was living on my own, but Best Buy works.

The world is a twisted place. —MEGHANN MARCO

The Greatest Receipt [Flickr]

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