Comcast To Suck Less

Last week the FCC reiterated that Comcast needs to “unlock” it’s DVRs and set-top boxes. And, to make life even better, “The foot-dragging, tech-testing wing of the cable industry, Cable Labs, has finally standardized a two-way interactive CableCARD.” A CableCARD is a device that will allow a CableCARD ready TV to operate digital cable without a set-top box.

Between the FCC ruling and the standardization, this opens the door for “a broad assortment of feature-rich, CableCard-ready video products they can buy at retail stores or online. They’ll no longer be stuck with the cable provider’s limited selection of rental equipment.”

Problems with rental DVRs and set-top boxes are some of the most common complaints we get here at Consumerist. Here’s hoping this helps. —MEGHANN MARCO

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