Chemicals in Cosmetics You Should Avoid

Consumer Reports has an article about chemicals in cosmetics that are probably not that awesome for your health. They’re called phthalates and they are found in nail polish, body lotion, perfume, hair spray, and more.

How bad are they? They’ve been linked to developmental and reproductive health risks, and some big name brands are reformulating to remove them.

How do you avoid them? You can check labels but since disclosure isn’t required, they might not be listed.

What is being done? California has a new law going into effect this year that will require cosmetic manufacturers that sell over $1 million dollars worth of product a year in the state to “report any products containing a chemical that is either a carcinogen or a reproductive or developmental toxic agent. Among those that must be disclosed are the phthalates DBP and di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP).” California will make this info public, so companies might start reformulating…

Consumer Reports Conclusion: “While the scientific jury is still out, we at ShopSmart believe it makes sense to reduce your exposure to phthalates, especially if you’re nursing, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant.” —MEGHANN MARCO

What you should know about chemicals in your cosmetics [Consumer Reports]