Virgin America’s Awesome Plane DOT Won’t Let You Ride

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This is Virgin America's vision of budget, yes, budget, air travel. And you can't go on it.

Look at this sweet ride. Leather seats for first class and coach. Roomy seating. Electrical outlets. USB ports. Standard-size headphone jacks. In-flight entertainment system that lets you watch movies, listen to music, order food, and engage in chatroom cybersex with other passengers.

This is Virgin America’s vision of budget, yes, budget, air travel. And you can’t go on it.

The DOT has tentatively rejected Virgin’s app to operate in the U.S., essentially because they’re a bunch of tea-snorting brits. Maybe they can install some American figurehead. In any event, Virgin released this video on YouTube and set up to take the fight to the consumers.

So if you want them to fly, go to their website and sign their petitions and send letters and wear tshirts and crap. As ever, we’re dubious of this marketing effort, but welcome competition to the American air travel market. Come on in, Johnny Reds. — BEN POPKEN

Let VA Fly [via Jaunted]

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