Reach Sony Ericsson Executive Customer Service

Want to bypass Sony Ericsson grunt level support? An anonymous SE rep reached out to us and provided the following:

I thought I’d pass on the below contact information… If your readers have an issue with a Sony Ericsson product, they might trying giving Sal a call when — and i mean when, not if — the traditional customer service line (1-866-766-9374) doesn’t prove fruitful.

Sal Milic
Sony Ericsson Executive Escalations Department
Phone: 1-866-737-3366
Fax #: 1-919-573-0394

Thanks, Anon! — BEN POPKEN


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  1. matto says:

    this would have been so cool and useful 4 years ago, before i gave up on SonyEricsson phones since they were worthless loads of gorilla poop.

    props for using my last SE phone in the illustration. the t68 could have been such a great phone; too bad they crippled it with the crashiest, slowest, tardiest software ever.

  2. Amy Alkon says:

    I have that same Sony Ericsson t68i. I only haven’t bought a new one because the phones sold in the USA are so crappy and uninteresting and have such dull design compared to European ones. (I have a phone for France on Orange, that uses mobicartes.)

    The red center button missing in the picture fell off mine almost immediately. My boyfriend’s, too. We bought the phones to connect with our Macs to the Internet. Perhaps that’s Cingular’s fault, but it NEVER worked. And my boyfriend is Elmore Leonard’s webmaster, and built my site, so it’s not like we’re dealing with a technical novice here (well, except me, but he did all the work to try to connect).

  3. loraksus says:

    Wow, that’s pretty cool.

  4. Musician78 says:

    I almost bought a Sony Ericcson a few years back. Thankfully, I bought a Nokia instead; I have never heard a positive thing about them.

  5. misskaz says:

    Funny. Until this weekend, I have only ever owned Ericsson/Sony Ericsson phones – we’re talking 10 years of phones. I’ve had them replace phones that broke well out of the warranty period, and never had a problem with their software.

  6. Ran Kailie says:

    I heart Sony Ericsson

    I’ve used nothing but their phones for the past 4 years and I’ve NEVER had any issues. My old t637 was a workhorse, I finally gave in and bought a K750i, if only Cingular wasn’t so crappy to not have good 1900mhz band support ;p

    But I love the OS on their phone and the phones are really built sturdy. Kudos to them.

  7. CTSLICK says:

    That picture makes me miss my T68. Nobody forgets there first bluetooth pairing do they? I still use my T68 as a remote control on my Powerbook, Salling Clicker is brilliant…sorry…what was this article about? Ah yes S-E customer service. I could have used this. My first T68 had a little issue with freezing up requiring me to pull the battery. Took a while, like a couple of days, to get to the right person/dept. They did however replace the phone in very short order.

  8. B Borrman says:

    I love SE phones — now on the w810i which is far and away the best and most well designed phone I have ever used.

    But hey, shouldn’t we all be here singing the praises of and SE employee PRO-ACTIVELY providing this info? It’s awesome. Yea, SE! My loyalty is reinforced.

  9. tbutler says:

    I’ve not really dealt with SE’s support much (only Cingular’s very helpful local folks at the company owned store), but I really love my SE W600i. To those suggesting SE makes flakey phones, perhaps you should given one of their newer ones a try. I think the last few years have really allowed Sony to impart its mark on the partnership.

  10. Rogue7 says:

    Do not contact this guy. I ended up dealing with him, and rather than replacing my K610i with a phone that had the same features, he wanted to downgrade me to the W810i. I refused, so guess what…. he sent my original broken & unrepaired K610i back to me.

  11. mattnjen says:

    The above phone number routes you to “Chris” the supposed Manager of the Customer Escalations who is as useless as “Tits on a Bull.” I informed Chris that my K850i was dissolved to “brick” status and he offered to provide me an RMA since the OS cannot be locally patched but ONLY could be sent back to Sweden for a ROM Flash. As you can believe Chris never called back with my RMA or an address. Chris admitted that their are numerous legal issues on many of their models and could not offer me a refund, loaner phone or any solution. His only apparent solution was not calling back and doing his job.

  12. LyleReinprecht says:

    I have een dealing with SE for a warranty issue on the worthless w300i phone. The “8” button stopped working. I sent it to their repair facility once. Could not replicate problem. Phone returned to me broken. “8” began working again on its own. Three weeks later, “8” no longer works. Sent it back again. Returned to me with obscure picture of dot inside phone. They determined that my phone suffered liquid damage and my warranty was void. (Phone was never wet) I found this unnacceptable and called to tell them. Finally told to send it to corporate headquarters for inspection. Sent it off. Told that when they received my package, the phone was not in the box. (I definitely put the phone in the box) I told them to I wanted them to weigh the box and shipping material as Fed Ex weighed my package at .4 pounds, which would have been impossible for paper shreds to weigh that much in the box without a phone. Two days later sent me a replacement phone. It is unbelievable that it took this level of persistence on my part to get satisfaction for a clearly faulty phone. I will never buy a SE product again.