IRS Free File Open Now

e-File your federal taxes for free with Free File from the IRS.

The program is open for all taxpayers with an Adjusted Gross Income of $52,000 or less in 2006.

Free File’s site is really just a collection of different existing tax prep software sites from private companies, under the “Free File Alliance” umbrella. You DO NOT have to pay any of these companies anything to file federal taxes, so avoid getting lured into “pay traps.” — BEN POPKEN

Free File [IRS] (Thanks to Anne!)


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  1. A good reason to make less money.

  2. abartonkc says:

    Everyone can Free File if they want to by using TaxAct software ( regardless of your income. If you are going to do your own taxes and want to eFile, there is no reason to pay anyone to eFile your return. The whole paying to eFile is a scam.

  3. Karl says:

    The fact that you have to rely on a third-party company to e-file is ridiculous. I’m wary of giving any company that much personal information (bank account number, SSN, etc.). It might be safer than mailing that information, but then again, an entire database of account and Social Security numbers is a lot more valuable than just one.

    Even if your information is secure, the companies will still try to sell you services. Once they have your information, it’s all too easy to put in a vague question (e.g. “Would you like an expedited refund*?”) and sucker you into paying them needlessly. More than half of the providers don’t offer Free File to people in states without income taxes. Many of the others have lower AGI limits.

    I understand that they want to preserve the tax preparation software market, but they could easily put plain versions of their forms online for you to fill out and submit electronically. Most people would still use tax software or services to assist them with the forms.

    A Consumerist guide to free file providers would be very cool, possibly with reader feedback on each one.

  4. coraspartan says:

    For those of us who make more than $52,000 per year, does anyone know where I can buy TurboTax for the cheapest price? Last year I think I downloaded it from the TurboTax website; I’m wondering if it’s possible to buy it cheaper from an online retailer or at a brick & mortar store.