Cellphone Ignites In Pocket, Burning Man’s Body And Hotel Room

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UPDATE: It wasn't a cellphone after all.

UPDATE: It wasn’t a cellphone after all.

Maybe the world’s batteries are staging some kind of protest?

    “A cell phone apparently ignited in a man’s pocket and started a fire that burned his hotel room and caused severe burns over half his body, fire department officials said.

    Luis Picaso, 59, was in stable condition Monday with second- and third-degree burns to his upper body, back, right arm and right leg, Vallejo Fire Department assistant chief Kurt Henke said.

    Firefighters arrived at the residential hotel Saturday night to find Picaso lying on the bathroom floor after a malfunctioning cell phone in his pants pocket set fire to his nylon and polyester clothes, Henke said.

    The flames spread to a plastic chair, setting off a sprinkler that held the fire in check, he said.

    Authorities declined to name the phone’s manufacturer and model.

    The fire and water caused $75,000 damage to the room and a business on the ground floor, Henke said.”

Let’s get those fancy new, non-self-immolating batteries on the market, shall we? Although we can’t help but wonder if the fire wasn’t exacerbated by the man’s “nylon and polyester clothes.” — BEN POPKEN

Man’s cell phone ignites in pocket [MSNBC] (Thanks to Jpac!)

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