CPSC Enters Semi-Neutered Status

The Consumer Product Safety Commission entered semi-neutered status this weekend.

Bush hasn’t appointed a new third commissioner since Hal Stratton resigned in July. By law, the CPSC can only continue in full capacity for six months without a full stable of comishs.

Until they get a new third, the CPSC can’t vote on new safety standards or take additional action on civil penalties levied against firms that fail to report defective and hazardous products.

However, “Information will still go out to public about emerging hazards and problems, compliance work will still be conducted” that could lead to recalls, and “research and investigations will still continue,” said Julie Vallese, CPSC director of public affairs.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get your periodic dose of, “Toys R Us Baby’s First Iron Maiden poses choking, lead, hazard.” — BEN POPKEN

CPSC entering legal limbo; agency can still do recalls [ConsumerReports]


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  1. Hawkins says:

    Is the Bush administration as mendacious a pack of corporate shills as they seem to be?

    Or are they just incompetent wretches, distracted by a pointless war, and the fact that nobody likes them?

    Hard to say, really, which one this news item points toward.

  2. MollyNYC says:

    Hawkins – They’re not mutually exclusive.

  3. infinitysnake says:

    He can’t appoint anyone until one of his cronies resigns from an industry job making flammable pajamas and toxic paint…

  4. Ben, Meghann, you guys should apply for the job. Consumerize from the inside.