“My Faves” Does Not Require A Special Phone

A T-Mobile employee confirms that “My Faves” does not require a special phone or a two year contract:

    I work for the big pink t, and i can confirm that My Faves will work on any phone. The difficulty lies in activating the plan. Employees at a store can’t activate it in their system….Customer service can’t add it if you order it for an existing account over the phone.

    You can, however, switch to a MyFaves account via the self-serve account management options on t-mobile.com.

    This may require a contract renewal, as promotional rate plans require a new service agreement of at least one year.So that kind of sucks. But if you have a year or more left, there’s no reason not to try MyFaves. It won’t add on to your contract, just restart it for one year from the rate plan change date.

    Finally, managing the MyFaves interface (where the five favorite numbers are designated) is typically done from the start screen of a MyFaves enabled handset. If you are using a non MyFaves phone, you have to designate your faves through t-mobile.com. Not a big deal, really, but it’s the only way you can do it. So customers without internet access are out of luck. then again, how would such people be reading the consumerist?

Mystery solved? —MEGHANN MARCO

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