15-Minute Home Repairs

A few cheap and quick tricks for fixing stuff around the house this weekend, courtesy of Real Simple magazine.

Hard-to-remove decals
Spray the decals and the surrounding areas with WD-40, lifting the edges to get underneath, if possible. Let sit, then gently scrape away the decal with the edge of a credit card. Degrease the area with liquid dishwashing soap

Stuck sliding windows
Solution: A little silicone spray lubricant (sold at hardware stores) will grease the skids. Spray it onto a rag, then wipe along the tracks, whether they’re metal, wood, or plastic.

Scuffed linoleum
Rub the spot with white toothpaste and a dry cloth or with an eraser. Or spray WD-40 on a towel and rub lightly, making sure to degrease the area afterward with liquid dishwashing soap and water.

Flattened down cushions
Put them outside in the sun for a few hours, flipping them halfway through. (Be careful — leaving them out too long may fade the fabric.) The sun will help evaporate the moisture that gets into the filling over time, and the cushions should plump up nicely.

Clear Nail Polish as Eyeglasses Fix
Keep a loose eyeglass screw in line. After tightening, dab polish across the top for a longer-lasting fix.


12 Quick Home Repairs [Real Simple via Frugal For Life]

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