ThisIsDumb: “Rome” Promotional Wine is From California

From Ad Age:

    HBO will offer complimentary bottles of “Rome” cabernet sauvignon at more than 100 eateries in the three cities [LA, Chicago, New York] to promote the second-season launch of its sex-blood-and-togas series, debuting Jan. 14. But rather than have restaurant servers introduce the product by saying “And our house wine tonight is brought to you by HBO,” consumers will be presented with a polite card at their tables: “A taste of ‘Rome’ awaits you. Ask server for details.”

A taste of Rome? If, by Rome, you mean “California.”

    Though intended to give diners an authentic taste of the show’s premise, the “Rome” wine was not shipped in from Italy; it was produced in California. HBO’s senior VP-consumer marketing, Courteney Monroe, was unable to secure an Italian wine vendor, but she doesn’t believe the promotion fails logistically.


A Taste of ‘Rome’ [Ad Age via Dr. Vino]