Get United Airlines Executive Customer Service

So you’ve got some intractable issue with United Airlines. You’ve called several times and spoken to supervisors, written letters, and you’re not getting anyway. It might be time to kick your issue up to executive customer service, a team of ninja specialists possessing superhuman complaint resolution powers. Here’s a guy to talk to:

Graham Atkinson
United Airlines Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer
Fax: 1-847-700-3451


• Read our tutorial on executive customer service.
• You’re probably going to get passed off to a secretary or an answering machine. This is fine and good.
• State your problem clearly and succinctly.
• Don’t be emotional, focus on what went wrong and how you want it fixed.
• Wait for the callback. It should arrive within 24 hours.
• Don’t abuse this contact info or you’ll kill the deal for everyone else.


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