GrandCentral + TMobile = Cheap Incoming Phone Calls?

Do you have TMobile? If you do, you might be able to use GrandCentral to forward calls to your cell phone, add your Grand Central number to your “five faves” and everyone who calls your Grand Central number counts as a “fave.”

At least hypothetically. We haven’t tried it. Anyone with T-Mobile want to confirm this/elaborate for us? We’re still trying to figure out how this works. —MEGHANN MARCO

free calls with tmobile [Deal Clerks via digg]


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  1. Vinny says:

    In theory it makes sense. My faves allows you to have any five numbers as “freebies.” Grand Central allows you to make calls to your contacts (the ones you’ve placed in the site) through one number (theirs).

    So you add Grand Central to your faves. Then you call that number to reach your contacts. Incoming, you add the number from Grand Central to your faves (if it’s different than the one you call) and any incoming calls are also free.

    Theoretically, it should work. I highly doubt T-Mobile won’t catch on and turn this off somehow (Most likely by blocking the number).

  2. georget99 says:

    It is my understanding that T-Mobile, like all cell phone companies, has limits on their unlimited services. I somewhere that the limit on My Faves is your plan’s anytime minutes.

    OTOH, their prepaid T-Mobile ToGo plan has sporadically had free access to the internet for months.

  3. spanky says:

    I’m looking and looking at the “My Faves” info on their website, and I can’t see anything that would preclude this.

    All they’re saying in the small print is that they have to be US domestic numbers, and they can’t be toll free or 900 numbers.

    It looks like you have to have a specific “My Faves” plan, though, so if you have an older contract, you might need to start a new one to try this.

  4. Vinny says:

    There is no limit on MyFaves. Unlimited is unlimited.

    However, that being said, I just tried my Grand Central account. Incoming calls aren’t showing a CID so you can’t add them as a fave.

  5. Vinny says:


    It’s not just a new contract, but you also need a MyFaves compatible phone.

  6. levenhopper says:

    If it works for t-mobile, then it should work for alltel too, right?

  7. MeOhMy says:

    “There is no limit on MyFaves. Unlimited is unlimited.”

    If they feel you are abusing the system, they will simply take advantage of the “We may suspend or terminate your Service for any reason o… clause in section 4 of the agreement. Search around on Hofo – it’s happened before.

  8. Mauvaise says:

    I don’t know about T-Mobile capping their My Faves, but I have the “unlimited (t)mobile to (t)mobile” adder and I know for a fact that I routinely talk in excessive of 1000 mins a month on just the mobile to mobile and only use like 300 of my plan minutes. I’ve done this every month for over two years, and they’ve never tried to limit me.

  9. genericman says:

    This won’t work. GrandCentral passes along the Caller ID information, so your phone will show the caller as the originator, not the GrandCentral relay.

    (Disclaimer: I’ve only tried this with Verizon Wireless, not T-Mobile.)

  10. Vinny says:


    I have NEVER in 6 years heard of Omnipoint/VoiceStream/T-Mobile cutting a customer off for anything other than not paying a bill.

    Don’t believe everything you’ve read on the internet ;-)

  11. conedude13 says:

    Double verified. You call grandcentral number and it forwards the call to your cell phone. I tested this with my verizon cell phone and it just looked like a normal number was calling me. Only the grandcentral options were played when i answered the call.

    But that would be totally awesome if it did work like that. :P

    More on GrandCentral Here

  12. Baz L says:


    Sorry folks it doesn’t work. Since GrandCentral forwards the CID information with the call. The test I used was done in the reverse manner, but it still proves the point.

    I used 2 T-Mobile phones on a Family Plan (ie. They have free calls to each other which show up on the bill with an “(F)” next to the call.

    I used one phone to call my GC number attached to my other phone.

    Desired Result:
    If this did work the bill would not show the call as “(F)” for the receiving caller. Meaning calls routed through GC would have different CID information.

    Actual Result:
    It couldn’t tell the difference. The call shows up as a free call from the actual phone number.

    Oh well. It was a nice thought.

  13. bbmills says:

    Although this does not work, it made me think. If you include the future phone number in your Fav 5, which is 712-858-8883, you can call that, then call any number worldwide for free. With that you will never have to pay for outgoing calls. Haven’t tried this because I do not have TMobile, but if someone can verify it, I’d assume it would work.

  14. xcrunner10 says:

    I’m not sure if this would work, it seems like it should in theory. If you have digital phone through Time Warner Cable, couldn’t you give out your home phone number and setup your home line to forward calls to your cell number. Then, just add your home number to your My Faves.

  15. MeOhMy says:

    Why would this guy and this guy and this guy make it up? I would also recommend not believing everything you read on the internet, but when there are multiple accounts of it happening, an apparent scan of one of the letters, and the fact that they have a termination clause in black and white right in the contract, it seems pretty believable.

    If this works, use it cautiously and beware of the risks.

  16. dchadwick says:

    Do people like GrandCentral service? Looks kind of cool.

  17. Baz L says:

    Not sure whether they just added this or whether it was there all along and I never noticed.

    GrandCentral has an option that allows you to choose whether or not to forward Caller ID information or simply display the GrandCentral number.

    This would allow this lovely MyFaves hack to work.

    Sorry for the mis information from before.

    Might all be a waste though if T-Mobile is trying to limit MyFaves activity.

  18. ram0135 says:

    This is probably dead now. BUT… GrandCentral NOW has a feature where you can set your account to forward calls using the CID information of your account. So you can set it to show up as incoming from your GC phone number. And in this case the myFaves would in theory work. As all calls are going to that number and coming in through it as well!