Walmart Nazi Tshirt Prices Rise On eBay

When the Walmart Nazi thirt story first broke, the shirts appeared on eBay the very next day. Bidding was scarce and we never saw the prices rise above their $10 retail value. Now reader David points out they’re selling for up to $31 a pop.

Rising to three times the price tag points to genuine scarcity – Walmart’s removing the shirt from the system is working – and genuine interest. Looking at the item history of several of the Totenkopf eBay bidders show they’ve bought Nazi paraphernalia in the past.

$30 is about the same change a cool designer tshirt sold by Beautiful/Decay will run you. On a related note, Matt points out that even the streetwear scene is getting in on the act, with a company called “Zoltar The Magnicient” releasing a totenkopf hoodie. A party they threw in Milan last year featured a neon totenkopf, an electric chair, and a guillotine.

Though, we’re sure it’s all meant to be tongue-in-Nazi-chic. — BEN POPKEN

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