UPDATE: Dish Charges You Extra For Not Having A Phone

Dee writes in with an update to her letter posted under Dish Charges You Extra For Not Having A Phone. Of special note: plugging in a phone to the dead line will not help her situation…

“Wow, thanks for all the help! Thanks for the posting, Consumerist….I love this site. I do have autopay on my DISH bill (which STILL shows my account delinquent on their website….go figure) and receive a paper bill via USPS.

Mysteriously, the amount removed from my account this month was around $15 less than shown on the paper statement. I can only guess since I cannot access my account online, that they have eliminated the $5 access fee as well as $10 from the sign-up discount which is another story. You receive a $100 discount for signing up, given in $10 increments removed from your monthly programming. I sent the required paperwork in along with a copy of my first statement but got it all back because I didn’t include a copy of the BACK side of the statement. Like I said, I’m only guessing that’s the rest of the difference. As I find out, I’ll let you know. And no, just plugging in a dead phone line doesn’t get it…”

We’ve sent Dee a comments invite in case she wants to join the conversation more directly.


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