UPDATE: Guy With Wrecked Vette Gets What He Wanted

Sometimes these stories do have happy endings, the smashed ‘Vette is being replaced.

“As of 12 noon today, 12/28/06, I talked to the dealer, Greg James. He promised to make us whole, and provide a comparable car with the same color scheme and option group…He gave me a heartfelt apology. He seemed sincere and genuine. If he comes through as promised, he should get a pat on the back, as legally, he does not have to do this thing.”

From Mr. Williams forum post, it seems that the internet backlash prompted the dealer to do the right thing. We suggested he get a lawyer, but we guess public humiliation is cheaper.

“I believe this was a misunderstanding on his part. An occupational hazard. When you have thousands of cars coming through your lot, I think you tend to forget what this car means to the common man. It’s the poor man’s ferrari; and I don’t believe that rich people own these cars. Poor people buy them, after scraping and suffering and working hard for every dollar for years and years.”

Awwwww. He loves his car, and his car dealer. Happy ending!—MEGHANN MARCO

More smashed car porn inside…

Vette Update [Corvette Forum] (Thanks, Matt!)







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  1. planetdaddy says:

    Why should the dealer get a pat on the back for doing what he should have done? People expect crappy service and when they get good service it is like the second coming of Christ for them. I expect top notch service ALL THE TIME. When I don’t get it I raise hell.

  2. planetdaddy says:

    and fire the a hole that wrecked it.

  3. Jesse in Japan says:

    I just hope he doesn’t end up with a lemon as a replacement.

  4. goldplated_j says:

    Did the worker run of a cart of horse shit?

    what the crap is on the passenger door?

    comparable=pontiac solstice

  5. goldplated_j says:

    too early in the morning

  6. viriiman says:

    goldplated_j: (Sorry, I can’t resist) Yes, the mechanic did run into a cart of manure. And I hear that Biff Tannen was the mechanic who caused all of the trouble.

    It’s ok, though. Biff called Old Man Jones and got some money for the manure (as it was resold).

  7. goldplated_j says:

    good, i’m glad its all been sorted out.

  8. snowferret says:

    It shouldn’t matter what kind of car it is, how much it costs, or how much the guy loves it. If I ask a buisness to fix something, they say yes and break it instead, I deserve compensation. You break it you buy it! And if your dumbass employees broke it because they were joyriding it while high well you better apologise nice and fast too.

  9. iamjames says:

    Ummm… i don’t think this had as much to do hwith a “internet backlash” as it does with the dealer calling his lawyer, realized his insurance on his mechanic shop would go through the roof (or dropped) wen the company gets a claim for a totaled ‘vette, not to mention the hoops they might make mechanics jump through to continue insurance (driving history, etc etc).

    This really just makes sense. Insuring mechanic shops are so expensive that the major insurance company I work for doesn’t do it. They might even have to close down their shop over this if their insurance coverage got dropped since mortgage lenders require mechanic insurance if you have a loan on mechanic shop.

    Retarded dealer might have just saved himself his entire company, shocked it actually had to go this far over 50 grand vs losing many millions of dollars.

    some people are just stupid i guess.

  10. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I’m happy that Mr. Williams will be compensated for his loss. It’s too bad he had to go through all of this to get the dealer to do something they should have done right off the bat.

    So whether it was bad publicity or the threat of losing his insurance policy, at least all is right with the world again.

    And, I’m happy to say, if you search for “San Rafael Cheverolet” on Google, the third entry down (beneath the dealer’s own website) is a link to The Consumerist’s humble article about the smashed ‘Vette.

    I’m sure, of course, seeing a link to your worst nightmare right below the one to your own webpage had nothing to do with it :)

  11. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, I keep spelling “Chevrolet” wrong :(

  12. akersmc says:

    Glad they made it right. I was the one who tipped off consumerist, and it’s good to know that my tip may have had a role (granted, a small one) in this. Congrats to Mr. Williams and the Chevy dealer for doing the right thing.

  13. RecalltoRegret says:

    Even though my vette is a 1984. My story pertains to My Nissan Quest minivan purchased in December of 2007. It is a 2004 and was I found it on the internet. I flew to the state it was in to check it out before signing and paying. I took it to a Nissan Dealership to have it inspected (other than the dealership I bought it from). It came out clean except for the 7 recalls issued for this model. I drove it home with perfect interior and exterior, shiny as a new penny. My family was so proud of what we call the robot mobile, for all of the rear doors are automatic. I made the recall appointment at my local nissan dealership. After the two weeks it was there… we now have overspray/orangepeel/tape marks/rippled passenger side/dented rear lift gate/ engine latches missing and the interior is heavily soiled in motor oil silver paint fingerprints and is torn and ripped. The dealership said it was this way when it came in. I would have believed this had I not grown up with a mask on my face in my fathers body shop. He wanted a boy-he got me instead. He bought my first vette in 1984. He took out a second mortgage for it. Now, I am still his only child and he’s getting a second mortgage again for attorney fees to sue the dealership. They wont admit it. My van was tracked by the portable gps that was tucked away in the door. It went to 2 body shops and a front end and alignment facility. The body shop manager has been nasty and refused to repair anything. My van now smells of mold for some reason and the service manager was pointed as the driver of my van on several days. My gps located my van to an island in sc. The service manager just so happens to have a brother that lives there.