UPDATE: Guy With Wrecked Vette Gets What He Wanted

Sometimes these stories do have happy endings, the smashed ‘Vette is being replaced.

“As of 12 noon today, 12/28/06, I talked to the dealer, Greg James. He promised to make us whole, and provide a comparable car with the same color scheme and option group…He gave me a heartfelt apology. He seemed sincere and genuine. If he comes through as promised, he should get a pat on the back, as legally, he does not have to do this thing.”

From Mr. Williams forum post, it seems that the internet backlash prompted the dealer to do the right thing. We suggested he get a lawyer, but we guess public humiliation is cheaper.

“I believe this was a misunderstanding on his part. An occupational hazard. When you have thousands of cars coming through your lot, I think you tend to forget what this car means to the common man. It’s the poor man’s ferrari; and I don’t believe that rich people own these cars. Poor people buy them, after scraping and suffering and working hard for every dollar for years and years.”

Awwwww. He loves his car, and his car dealer. Happy ending!—MEGHANN MARCO

More smashed car porn inside…

Vette Update [Corvette Forum] (Thanks, Matt!)