Customer Claims There Was Human Blood in Her Taco Bell

A customer of a Louisville KFC/Taco Bell is claiming that smears of human blood were all over her order. ” Briana Ralston says she and her 1-year-old daughter were already home, had already eaten part of their dinner by the time they discovered what looks like human blood on the bag and wrappers — even where the wrappers came into contact with the food.”

Ralson called the Taco Bell to complain, and was told that the blood came from an employee who had “cut her finger.” Ralston contacted a lawyer and the health department. (And, we assume, the local media.) Taco Bell is sure having a rough year. In case you’d like to avoid eating there, the restaurant is on Third Street in Louisville, Kentucky.—MEGHANN MARCO

(Photo: yajico)

Woman claims dinner order contained human blood (with video!)[WHAS 11]


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  1. Oooooh, pretty black-eyed susans!

  2. InsaneNewman says:

    1st of Food Prep: You do not get body parts or fluids in food.

    2nd of Food Prep: You DO NOT get body parts or fluids in food.

  3. InsaneNewman says:

    err… that was supposed to be 1st RULE of Food Prep… don’t you hate when you make a fool of yourself?

  4. North of 49 says:

    3rd of food prep : if any does get into food, you discard all food, clean all areas, sterilize with bleach, wash all utensiles that have come into contact with contaminated food etc etc etc

  5. bigroblee says:

    I have to say, of all bad customer service stories I have ever heard, this one is perhaps the one that hit me hardest. Taco bell said, oh yeah, someone cut themselves. WTF?

  6. Kangarara says:

    It’s gross, fair enough, but gimme a break – one of the ways you definitely *can’t* get HIV/AIDS is through ingesting blood. Stomach acid takes care of that quite nicely (as do digestive proteins in the saliva). Calling a lawyer is just a jackass move.

  7. acambras says:

    I can’t believe that Taco Bell let that food leave the kitchen.

    Both the unhygienicness (if that’s a word) and the disingenuous response are absolutely disgusting.

  8. OnoSideboard says:

    Meh. The taco “meat” was probably scraped off of I-95 this morning. Comparatively, I’d rather have the human blood.

  9. ElPresidente408 says:

    A little blood in your taco is good for your body

  10. x23 says:

    “It’s gross, fair enough, but gimme a break – one of the ways you definitely *can’t* get HIV/AIDS is through ingesting blood. Stomach acid takes care of that quite nicely (as do digestive proteins in the saliva).”

    well… in that case. no big deal then. *rolls eyes*

    seriously. BLOOD. in her FOOD.

    what if she had a cut on her lip? cold sore? cut on her finger? put the taco in her vagina? etc etc etc.

  11. viriiman says:

    I have to go with x23 on this one. While it is unlikely that she could contract a disease from eating the contaminated food, it is possible. All it would take is an open wound on her lip or in her mouth for the blood to come in contact with.

    Yes, it may be a slight chance, but why should there be ANY risk at all?

  12. Fuzzy_duffel_bag says:

    I gave a taco to my kid this morning, and it was full of porn!

  13. NeonCat says:

    Re: Fuzzy_Duffel_Bag

    I was there, and you forgot to mention the taco was wrapped in a Wal-mart Nazi shirt!

    I can’t believe you forgot that!

  14. x23 — “what if she… put the taco in her vagina?”



  15. Tom says:

    Great. Now both that lady and her kid are gonna become Wendigos.

  16. Um, not to defend Toxic Hell or bash the poor lady, but…

    PLEASE GOD tell me she didn’t actually try to feed her one-year-old Taco Bell!!!

    If that’s not a jailable offense, it fricking should be!

  17. lookzgood2me says:

    puredoxy – I agree actually.

    x23 – I think it was supposed to be, what if it the taco had a vagina?

    kangarara – While I agree calling a lawyer may be a bit of a reach in this overly litigious nation, one of the ways you *can* get HIV is through blood to blood contact. What if the person eating it had an open cut and came into contact with it?

    While a remote possibility, would you take the chance if it was your kid/family?

  18. Sheik says:

    What about hepatitis? Can that be contracted through ingestion? Regardless, there is a reason that used needles go into hazardous material containers and not in tacos

  19. dontera says:

    I work in downtown Louisville and am ashamed to say I ate at that Taco Bell just yesterday…

    I would be lying if I said the quality of Taco Bell was ever acceptable, but since I moved to Louisville I have found some of the most disgusting Taco Bells ever.

    And yet I still find myself eating there a few times a month… is there a Taco Bells Anonymous?

  20. snowferret says:

    x23 uhm.. tuna taco jokes aside you CAN get HIV through injesting a large enough amount of the virus. Im not sure how much blood that would have to be though.

  21. snowferret says:

    Oops, my mistake that was Kangarara who made the original comment.

  22. Negative says:

    Meanwhile, vampires throughout the world are descending on Taco Bells in droves.

  23. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Maybe it’s their new sauce. I heard they were trying a new on to add to their line-up. Now there’s mild, hot, fire, and bloody-hot!

    Honestly, though, this is a hard one to call. It’s food prep done by humans. I remember going to a local restaurant and getting a glass of Coca-Cola with ice. Well, I started drinking it, only to find the cup was also full of broken glass. Fortunately, I was not injured and I immediately told the waiter. He apologized profusely and brought me a new drink.

    Sure, I could have screamed bloody murder, and I certainly would have made a case out of it had I been injured or hospitalized, but there was no harm done. Mistakes do happen. Assuming Taco Bell pays for any medical costs involved, I’m not sure what more they can do.

  24. acambras says:

    Dwayne — the galling thing here is the manager’s cavalier attitude toward the whole situation.

    If the employee cut his/her finger, the first thing s/he should have done is get off the food line and tend to the wound, NOT keep preparing food. Just like the restaurant with the broken glass should have ditched that whole batch of ice/glass.

  25. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Acrambras: Agreed. Even if the injured employee weren’t bleeding, at the first sign of a wound, off the prep line.

    I’m hoping the restaurant where I got the glass full of glass ditched the whole batch. I’m guessing somebody probably broke a glass and was afraid to tell the manager for fear of reprisal.

    What happens in this situation would depend a lot on the manager and the employees. I know some managers that would fire you on the spot for breaking a glass or cutting your finger. That doesn’t help anything, and when something like that does happen, employees will try to cover it up because they don’t want to lose their job. People should be allowed to make mistakes without retaliation by management.