HOW TO Reduce Real Estate Taxes

How can you make sure you’re not paying too much real estate tax?

Look over your assessment item by item. Did they get the lot size right? Did they magically assign you a finished basement? Are the number of bedrooms correct?

Secondly, did the assessor give you a value based on your neighbor’s home values? Their property values are public record so you can get them at the assessor’s or county clerk’s office or online.

The best way to get a readjustment is to bring your evidence, preferably photographic, to the assessor and ask for a reevaluation. If he’s unmovable, you can ask for a formal hearing.

The AHA says that 70% of homeowners who find an error and fight to get it fixed end up with a lower tax bill. — BEN POPKEN

How To Reduce Real Estate Taxes [CNN Money via Blueprint for Financial Prosperity]