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Mike Mozart

Some Big Chains Like To Pretend Their Stores Are Closed When It Comes To Paying Tax

A big-box store is, by definition, well, big. All that retail, storage, and parking space takes up a fair amount of land. So you’d think that in any state with a property tax, stores would, well, be taxed on their property. And they are… until they’re not. [More]

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For A Streaming Option From DirecTV

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For A Streaming Option From DirecTV

The future may be online, but satellite pay-TV company DirecTV isn’t exactly rushing to embrace that future with open arms. The CEO of DirecTV this week admitted that the company is investigating the option of starting their own streaming service, but he was less than enthusiastic about the idea, seeing it as unlikely to be profitable. [More]


Food Industry Volunteers To Self-Regulate GMO Labeling By Doing It If They Feel Like It

Do you have any idea if the ingredients in that sandwich you just made for lunch were genetically modified? Probably not: there’s no federal rule requiring labeling of GMO ingredients one way or the other. Now, a group of food industry organizations is calling on Congress to take action about GMO labeling… but the request isn’t quite what it seems. [More]


Valve on Kids’ Medicine Bottles Could Prevent Overdose Deaths, But Costs Money To Install So Never Mind

Acetaminophen, best known under the brand name Tylenol, is an incredibly common medication for children.  While it’s safe at the recommended dose, it can be fatally harmful when taken in excess and the overdose threshold is surprisingly low. [More]